Fräulein Eder in Munich

Fräulein Eder in Munich

Fräulein Eder in Munich
07.08.2018 and 08.06.2018
Studio Elegance


Penthouse Elegance

The Penthouse Elegance is situated in the north of Munich, in midst of car dealerships and easy to find by car or public transport. It was quite a chilly winter’s day when I first dragged my full suitcase around the corner of a car dealership and, a little nervously, pressed the right doorbell button. From the outside everything looked unspectacular, but I was prepared for that. The inside was what attracted my curiosity. A new studio and its features can always fuel my imagination very quickly. I see the pictures displayed on the website and begin to invent games that I would like to play there. Then I take an actual stroll around the rooms and my thoughts get more specific.

At the Elegance I got to know the upsides of a restraint chair. Sure, for the uninitiated this utensil for restraining a person with all sorts of rings and straps while having full access to all bodily orifices might look a little unimaginative. But since enjoying a surprisingly exciting time with it, every new restraint chair prompts memories and fresh ideas. The Elegance offers a range of other utensils that are well maintained and presented in nicely decorated rooms. The studio now consists of two separate floors, and since I found out that I really enjoy playing in spacious surroundings, I’m happy to have ended up on the upper floor, which has won me over with its spacious, beautiful rooms and a rooftop terrace!

I always look forward to a visit to the Penthouse Elegance. That’s because it’s run by a charming madame, and attracts articulate men of a certain earthy charm that delights me somehow. Oh yes, the rooftop terrace can even be used for playing! Of course this works best in summer or with hardboiled slaves who could benefit from a little bit of a cool-down. I’m very keen to try it out.

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Penthouse Elegance
Frankfurter Ring 139
80807 München
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