Fräulein Eder in Stuttgart

Fräulein Eder in Stuttgart

Fräulein Eder in Stuttgart
09.08.2018 to 11.08.2018
20.09.2018 to 22.09.2018
Studio Centric

Studio Centric

The studio Centric, with its emphasis on clinical play and latex, is one of the well-known and prestigious houses. So I was of course especially happy to be allowed to visit. If you haven’t been active for very long as a travelling domina, you look for the gems among the studios. In Stuttgart I expected great facilities and skilled colleagues from whom I could learn new things – and I was not disappointed.

The Centric is nicely situated in the city centre, is easy to reach by public transport, features a relatively large interior and is very well maintained. Several dark rooms, a big clinic and a room dedicated to latex, all decorated either in the classic-gloomy style or as a conventional white clinical environment, awaited me with numerous possibilities for play. So the conditions are perfect. And they are completed by colleagues who are highly passionate about what they do, and who have a deep understanding of their responsibilities towards guests. I found that very inspiring.

I, my motivation and my expertise were a little on trial during my first visit, a fact that only showed me clearly that I had come to the right place. They wanted to know whether I fitted in and was willing to act with the sort of caution that is necessary in BDSM games.

My experiences at “Centric” were exciting and instructive; I felt a little bit taken back to my school days and was quite happy to have obviously studied enough, because at the end I was kindly invited back. I returned to the train station with a smile on my face. My visit to Centric had been really fun, and the possibilities that it offers will last for many men/slaves and many of my fantasies.

Centric Studio & Clinic Stuttgart
Charlottenstraße 38
70182 Stuttgart
Tel. Studio: 0049 711 23 660 30
Tel. Clinik: 0049 711 23 660 33
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