My interests? Actually, there is no need for many words. I’m interested in:
Submissive men,
masochistic men,
submissive-masochistic men and
masochistic-submissive men.
And I’m interested in all the things one can do with them.

I will ask you detailed questions about your motives and interests before our game starts. I will screen you in order to find out how to get you where I want you. I am not looking for a recipe for your submission, but will use your information to create my own menu. Seeing me as a mere fulfiller of wishes would be an unpleasant mistake. In case you have a specific role-play in mind, then go ahead and beg for it. Maybe I will also like it and use it to get your devotion, submission and humiliation.

Sadistic & dominant

Sadistic: yes, I am a sadist. There is no denying that. If you are very much more into orders, humiliation, tasks and the like, then you should communicate this explicitly before a session. If you don’t know how masochistic you are and want to find out, I can be your creative companion who accepts your limits.

Dominant: I like it if a man does what I order him to do. It’s as simple as that. Power games with my counterpart or somebody testing my boundaries doesn’t really turn me on. Then I lose interest pretty quickly. If you have intentions of this sort, I advise you in your own interest to look for another domina who is less rigorous in this regard.

Teasing & denial

Exciting you, just to watch your arousal wilt again – this is an amusing thing to me. Playing with your excitement is as fascinating to me as playing with your devotion and readiness for pain. But I’m no ogress. If you like, you can have your orgasm. I can make an exception when it comes to such trivial things.

Talking & silence

The tension between silent orders and silence, when I’m spanking your ass, can be quite arousing for me. I might also point out your situation to you quite verbosely. But it would be an advantage if you could also sense the small nuances and take them in. Loud orders, drills and interrogations have their very own appeal for me. But if you ask me for something like this you shouldn’t be too surprised if I give you a bit of an ironic smirk whenever I do it.


Sure, I could write now about what an unworthy worm you are. What a loser. But that really isn’t needed right here. Firstly, you can work that out for yourself. And secondly, I prefer making you realise things like this face to face. Again and again. And without using words.

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